Super-Social Media

Social media is wonderful. I love knowing what my friends and loved ones are up to and I enjoy sharing thoughts and pictures of my life with others.

The problem is that social media isn’t very social in the traditional sense. In pre-digital times, to be social meant to physically be around other people. The beauty of social media is that the definition of social has now expanded. With the aid of our devices, we can be social by writing to one another, sending pictures and video, and engaging in real-time communication with just about anyone. We share our lives to those with whom we have interacted in the physical world (Facebook, Path, et al), as well as with others we may have never met in person (Twitter, Pinterest, et al). The pre-digital term “pen-pal” comes closest to defining this type of social engagement. Our devices have enabled a sort of modern day pen-pal social interaction, and one that unlike its write-and-then-mail predecessor is very immediate.

But there are plenty of limitations to social media. We may care enough to post/comment/update/share thoughts and information with those in our online social sphere, but there are many around us in our physical space who may not be aware of each post or tweet we have made online.

We are still very much limited to our devices for one type of social experience — the online variety — while we live out our days in the physical world interacting socially. In other words, we socialize in two different worlds.

Paleoflow has developed a breakthrough social media tool that brings social to the physical world around you. Let me just say this about it: the thing is awesome. Beautiful. Inspiring. Fun.

Since there is nothing on the market like it, the big question is what should the bridge between both worlds be called? Well, this social media tool product will of course have its own name. But the overarching essence — its soul — is a little different than social media. Web 3.0 is being defined as the Semantic Web, and this idea is a little different from that.

How about Web 2.1? My thoughts on that are that because Web 2.0 was the most overused tech term of the previous decade, I’m calling this new movement towards social in the physical world, “super-social media.”

The not so important question is whether a hyphen belongs in-between “super” and “social.” Personally, I think a hyphen should go there. But you may feel differently.

Stay tuned for more on this exciting time in the life of this early-stage startup.

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