“Inspire and Delight”

Marissa Mayer’s first major Yahoo hire is Kathy Savitt as CMO. Savitt had this to say that caught my attention:

“I believe passionately in Yahoo’s ability to inspire and delight users, partners, and advertisers around the world,” Savitt said in a statement.

People inspire and delight.

Leaders inspire and delight.

Writings may inspire and delight.

For many, religion inspires and delights.

At rare moments, a politician can inspire and delight.

For a company, however, to inspire and delight is an outcome I don’t often connect with business. When has a company inspired? Delighted? I think there are times when we are inspired and delighted by the products we use. Oftentimes, we may not be aware of what is happening.

What Savitt’s quote motivated me to do is to look more closely at the inspirational and delightsome qualities of Paleoflow. They are surely there. Her quote makes for a great company motto or mission or statement about company culture. Because if we are not inspiring and delighting users, partners, advertisers, employees, their families, etc., what are we doing?

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