Why I Hate Friday

Usually, Friday is a pretty downer day for me. I begin the week so ready to take on the world. By mid-week, I’m saying something like, “this week is sure flying by,” and on Thursday I still feel there’s time to meet big goals.

But by Friday, there is often the realization that as I hard as I try, I will have to wait until Monday for a victory. The big wins don’t typically come on Friday. Since most of my goals depend on others to come through for me, I find that a lot of people are either taking the day off or are physically at work but mentally checked out.

Hence, the sickening feeling on Friday that I can’t get everything accomplished that I set out to do.

Today was different.

Today, I can look back at a very productive week where I not only achieved significant goals, but they were exceeded far above anything I could have expected. So today, I have hope that more Fridays like this one are very possible, and I welcome them.

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