The Team

First, the updated WordPress app on my phone is killer. It is a major improvement from the last version.

Now, the team. I’m beginning an aggressive search for my technical team. Without money to lure them, I have to get creative. With a pile of resumes I have found online, my question has been, how do I most effectively attract talent?

The other day, I had an idea: offer them something and ask for little in return. I sent an email to each candidate offering a free lunch. In exchange, I would pitch my vision and get their feedback.

So far, I have had the privilege of meeting up with a few very talented engineers and engineers in training. I hope to meet with many more in the future.

At the very least, I meet someone new and learn something I didn’t know before. I figure I lose nothing with this arrangement. And it’s fun for me. I hope it’s fun for them, too!

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