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Bryce Roberts’ post the other day on why developing hardware is hard was inspirational for me. Many right now are touting hardware as the next big thing in Silicon Valley, and Bryce takes a slightly different view gleaned from his experience encountering the obstacles that exist in the hardware space.

My inspiration from this post comes from what I have learned so far in life – that the more difficult or hard something is to accomplish, the greater the reward.

The majority of startups today focus on the web only. Incredible innovation is taking place in the world of apps and the web. Yet hardware is exclusively the domain of the big boys, i.e. Apple, Apple, and Apple, the hardware dominator, their many PC competitors, like HP and Sony, and then the hardware parts and accessories predominantly supplied by large corporations who have been doing hardware for years.

Then came Square, maker of a cool little device developed by Jack Dorsey, Twitter founder. It’s a great idea, but it prompts the question, could Square have grown as it has without the well-funded Dorsey on board?

Now we have the Pebble on Kickstarter this Spring, a simple gadget developed by a small company that has been making watches for a few years. Breaking Kickstarter records, the Pebble proved that there is still consumer demand for hardware developed by fledgling companies. We’ll see if that trend continues once their watch comes to market and others follow suit.

My point is it’s time to prove that young startups can rock the hardware world. Paleoflow has this goal in mind. Not only that, but Paleoflow is setting out to innovate in BOTH hardware AND the web for a fully integrated experience. Ambitious, but we argue, not impossible. And we’re ready to prove that to the world.

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