Focus…and then not

It’s hilarious to me that FOUR months have gone by – a third of a year – since I last posted on my Thanksgiving-era “focus” principles, only to skip from then until now having not focused on elaborating on the four P’s.

I’ve been tempted to take down the blog, but in keeping with my desire to be as transparent as can be and to chronicle my starting up (ad)venture, I will keep the historical record intact.

The last four months have been exceedingly educational and real progress has been made to lay the foundation for this fledgling company. Where progress has not been realized, I have been super busy with my day job and far disconnected from paleoflow. Having worked in my current job for three years, I’ve found that December through March is the busiest time when compared to the rest of the year, which should explain why I’ve been missing on these pages since then.

I’m back now, with a vengeance. I’ll try to post occasionally with insight gleaned from the company’s development. As both the patent and prototype near completion, I will re-continue the search for brilliant technical co-founders to help me take this forward.

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