The day after

As a full-time employee for a company that is not paleoflow, I am forced to use my time as best I can. Whether it is early in the morning (like 1:30am a few weeks ago) or late at night, or squeezing in a minute here and there during the day while being as ethical as possible to not use company resources for my business, it is a juggling act to keep up with everything.

The day after incorporating, the minutes and hours seem more precious to me. It’s one day later, and I have little to show for it. I have to get over it. There is no way I can have a product ready for sale even in two months, although I hope to be leagues closer to selling than I am today.

The importance of today, and each minute spent (or not) on this company, will affect when that day comes.

In honor of that principle, I’m taking the day off from work tomorrow to focus exclusively on the business. I will be at a public library with my gadgets working on the business plan, patent drawings, and exploring every possible way to find technical help.

There will be a lot of “days after,” which, to me, is the most exhilarating aspect of starting my own business. Like sales on straight commission, the day after a big day is always a new start. And I can’t wait for each one.

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